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Talent shortage in Australia: how to overcome the fear of hiring remotely? Ft. Craig Goldblatt from Globalization Partners

In this episode about the talent shortage issue in Australia, Leo is interviewing Craig Goldblatt, Vice President of Partners & Alliances for Globalization Partners business in Asia. 

Is Australia’s talent shortage and skills gap issue real? What is the Australian government doing to address the problem? And what are some solutions for Australian businesses to leverage?
Facing a shrinking talent pool and widening skills gap, Australian companies seem to be struggling to hire locally. A shrinking population and closed borders due to the pandemic further exacerbates the situation. But international borderless hiring is quickly emerging as a viable solution, through remote hiring, Australian companies can now cast a wider net and hire the best talent located anywhere in the world. With some skillsets geographically concentrated in specific talent hubs, remote hiring also provides cost-effective access to these highly sought-after professionals. 

Additionally, the Australian government recently launched initiatives to encourage and promote international hiring, although the benefits for remote hiring are plentiful, companies must stay on top of compliance risks and administrative nightmares surrounding legal, tax, and contractual specificities. 

For more insight into the Australian talent shortage and alternate talent hubs for your business to hire from, check out Globalization Partner’s latest blog.
Learn more about Globalization Partners here:

Hacking wine with AI Ft. Sarah Sweeney from Winevalet

Do you know Winevalet? The app that is finding and delivering your perfect wine from local wineries directly to your place! Listen to Sarah’s passion and fun story about how she went from optometry to being an entrepreneur and how they are building an amazing team of passionate individuals around the project.

We also talk about the traditionally reserved for men wine industry and investment world and how Sarah is learning to leverage the ecosystem to break through with success!

Winevalet is raising with Birchal – EOI open until May 25th 2021, check it out >>

Pickle Power! Ft. James Barbour from Dillicious - BIRCHAL series #1

Special series on equity crowdfunding

Today, I am with James Bardour from Dillicious, a fantastic success story that proves that when you believe and love what you do, you can reach the moon! James was working in the retail industry as a sales and general manager when he launched a little pickles production along with his wife, as a side-project. Success of the taste, concept and love he put in his pickles, the side-project became his full time job within a few months. He signed his first big contract with a distributor a few days after he decided to quit his job and since then, he is un-stoppable: pitching at entrepreneur events, appearing in a few podcasts and launching his EOI with Birchal in a few days!

Check out his Dillicious and the EOI details, as well as other amazing brands and projects to invest in:

Did you say "Growth Hacking"? Part #2, ft. Thibaut Briere from Growth Marketing Studio

In this second episode with Thibaut Briere (actually one single recording but Thibaut had a lot to share!), we are focusing on the Asian market, its complexity and how crucial it is to test this market.

How, will you ask! Thibaut advises to build your website with a different landing page for each country. This way, you can test your messaging per country… He also explains how to use Facebook ads and LinkedIn. Another episode full of concrete tips!

What is important is to learn about your market while according to him, the future of marketing will be driven by a s”ocial media fatigue”; COVID and digitalisation have seen an increasing traffic on social medias but without actions taken by users. As a result, the cost of ads has decreased but their efficiency as well!

For Thibaut, it’s not enough to publish, you need quality content with proper branding and messaging; “there is no shortcut in marketing”.

Bonus episode - Startup&Angels Online event #9 “USA vs. AUS: STARTUP FUNDING TRENDS & COMPARISON”

Online event from February 25th 2021, with guest speakers Matthew Browne (Black Nova Group – Sydney) and Andy Leroux (Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center – San Francisco) and moderated by Startup&Angels co-founder, Leo Denes.

Andy helps us understanding better how to raise funds in the US; a very heavy and long process that he describes for us. He also warns that since 2018, it’s getting harder for early stage startups to raise as investors are looking at scale-ups mainly… On the Australian side, Matt talks about a good seed and pre-seed focus which is more encouraging for early stage founders!

Our panel also discussed the remote disruption in fundraising, with US VCs accepting and opening more and more to foreign companies through digital meetings and process flows. Matt also mentioned a recent “propensity of US investors to invest in Australia” which is a great news for the ecosystem. The pandemic has seen a “sophistication of the Australian ecosystem” with a better maturity of programs, accelerators and investors, diversifying to early stage startups.

Did you say "Growth Hacking"? Part #1, ft. Thibaut Briere from Growth Marketing Studio

In this great episode, Thibaut first talks about his love for Asia, why it’s the place to be for business and why it is a very complex market to enter. We then discuss about marketing for startups, why it has to be innovative, inventive and different if you want to survive. Why you should focus on your messaging and not so much on your branding/logo.

Diving into your positioning, why radical differentiation will be your best ally; “you are small so you can afford to be really different, and people will remember you more”, “you need to find an edge” to test your market. Very insightful advice if you are launching your product/service and don’t have a huge amount of time and money to start with…

About Growth Hacking (well, Thibaut prefers to talk about Growth Marketing):
– Usually, you can’t really measure a marketing strategy on your revenue, so Growth Marketing is about finding growth and prioritise the actions that will impact your revenue (very business driven approach).
– Growth Marketing bridges marketing and sales to really assess this impact.
– It’s a very structured process of experimentation at small scale, to test small changes.
– There is an unconventional part in Growth Marketing, in finding new ways of doing things.

To conclude, Thibaut gives a few concrete tools to implement your growth marketing strategy immediately: the AARRR process (acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue), the 19 channels you can use in marketing and the prioritisation framework… such a program!
Now that you know everything about Growth Marketing, don’t miss the Part #2 of this interview, about experimentation and how to use LinkedIn as an entrepreneur! 

How to turn the remote working disruption into an opportunity for your startup - ft. Charles Fergusson from Globalization Partners

Charles Fergusson is the General Manager APAC for Globalization Partners, a global company originally based in the US allowing its clients to hire talents anywhere in the world within a few days.

In this fascinating discussion, you will learn the best tips to recruit and manage your team in the future of work.

Since the pandemic, global workforce has switched remotely allowing people to avoid commute and to enjoy a better life quality in secondary areas. As a company and especially a startup, it is also now possible to get the best talents from anywhere in the world, as long as you successfully adapt your policy, processes and rules in a flexible way to your remote staff. For example, an hybrid environment with face-to-face meetings is absolutely crucial according to Charles, to keep the human link within a team. Founders and managers also need to understand that “the future is empowerment of choice” as not everybody is keen to go fully remote.

Charles also explains that the remote disruption needs new talent skills, to be watched by both recruiters and applicants: Determination, Insights, Curiosity & Engagement.

His main advice for companies and managers for 2021: “Always be hiring, always be after having the conversation, always be looking for key types of talents and connect with them because you never know when that might manifest to create an opportunity for a particular market”. Plus other golden pieces of advice for your expansion in any new market.

Learn more about Globalization Partners:

Why you should adopt cyber-security for your startup (now)

Christian Junger is the CEO & co-founder of MADANA, a cyber-security startup using confidential computing technology to protect your data. In this discussion, he explains simply what is confidential computing, how it works and why you should consider it for your business. MADANA is also part of the OVHcloud startup program, which has helped them a lot on the technical and partnership side of their development.

What opportunities for tech entrepreneurs in Australia? With Stephane Lyver from Compressor

In this episode, I have the pleasure to interview Stephane Lyver, French entrepreneur living for 6 years in Australia. He tells us about his journey as a web developer first arrived in Australia for its huge job market opportunities and how his side project actually became his main activity: Stephane has taken part in the OVHcloud startup program in APAC and explains the benefits of the 1-on-1 mentoring and architecture expertise he could take advantage of to build his business.

Startup/angels partners programs #2 - OVHcloud with Lionel Legros

In this discussion with Lionel Legros, General Manager APAC for OVHcloud, we talk about the launch of their startup program in Australia. Their programs are focused on cloud-based companies in need for architecture, technical support and infrastructures in APAC. We also talk about the cloud capabilities today and how it can help your business, and the future trends of the industry in the next few years, especially post-COVID…

Startup/angels partners programs #1 - Brinc with Tuan Lam

Brinc is a global incubator focused on Cleantech and clean energy startups. In this episode we are pleased to interview Tuan Lam, Clean Energy & CleanTech Program Director at Brinc. We talk about the evolution of the Cleantech industry for the past few years and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry. Tuan also shares his rich experience as a founder and transformation consultant across Europe, Asia and Australia and the different energy transition approaches depending on the corporate and founder perspectives.

E-commerce series #2: Acidgreen with Mike Larcher

Acidgreen is a full service digital agency specialised in Magento & Shopify softwares that creates efficiency for its B2B customers. In this discussion between Leo Denes and Mike Larcher, we learn about the impacts of COVID on e-commerce, the massive potential for largest B2B platforms and market places like Google and Amazon, the importance of omnichannel and “being everywhere” for brands (facebook, instagram, website etc) and the future trends for online shopping like personalised customer experience.

E-commerce series #1: OnTheList with Diego Dultzin Lacoste

OnTheList is a member only flash sales for luxury brands started in 2016 in Hong Kong and expanding over Asia-Pacific as they are arriving in Australia! Diego takes us through the Asian specificities of starting and running a business as a e-commerce company, the impact of COVID-19 on Asian markets and the future of e-commerce in Asia.

In discussion with angel investor & mentor David Kenney #2

This is the second episode of our exclusive interview with David Kenney. David has been a partner at Hall Chadwick for more that 20 years, mentor at Startmate and Incubate startup program for over 8 years. Today for Startup&Angels the podcast he talks about the people-centric business strategy to support and represent some of Australia’s largest enterprise clients, most promising entrepreneurs, Family Offices and high-net-worth individuals. Learn about the sanity check in accounting practices and more…

In discussion with angel investor & mentor David Kenney #1

This is the first episode of our exclusive interview with David Kenney. David has been a partner at Hall Chadwick for more that 20 years, mentor at Startmate and Incubate startup program for over 8 years. Today for Startup&Angels the podcast he talks about the people-centric business strategy to support and represent some of Australia’s largest enterprise clients, most promising entrepreneurs, Family Offices and high-net-worth individuals. David shares tips, techniques and insights – be attentive!

Future of E-commerce & latest trends in APAC

Thanks to our speakers for sharing great insight on the E-commerce trends in APAC and perspectives in a fast evolving market:

Dr Olga Oleinikova – Persollo – Sydney
Diego Dultzin – On The List – Hong-kong

Michael Rasch – Zookal – Sydney

SportsTech series #2 - Sportility with Adam Hyman

In this episode of Startup/Angels the podcast, Adam is taking us through his entrepreneurial journey as the founder of Sportility, a platform connecting grassroot teams with sponsors, and community builder in Australia’s sports-tech ecosystem through Sports Ventures Community.

Create your A-team as a founder” is his management motto to be able to work “on the business and not only in the business”… Great sports metaphor for any industry founders!

SportsTech series #1 - MySwimPro with Fares Ksebati

MySwimPro is the first swim and dryland training app with more than 1 Million downloads in + 150 countries. Bootstrapped in 2014 and financed mainly by crowdfunding, MySwimPro is a real success story in the growing sportstech industry. Listen to its founder Fares Ksebati as he takes us through his athlete, coach and entrepreneur journey.

Mastering the art of pivot

Welcome to our first online pitching session gathering 2 startups who are mastering the art of pivoting and 2 investors to share some tips and advice on how to adapt during a crisis. During 6 minutes, the selected businesses will present their concept, their team, their results to date, what they need to grow.These startup pitches will be followed by our investors talks, sharing some tips to help them.

Thanks to our speakers Michelle Deaker from One Ventures, Nathan Caroll from Quickpay, Robert Nicholls (VC angel) and Angela Bee Chan from Hackathons International.

EUR x APAC - Emerging technology trends

What are the technology trends emerging with Covid-19? During the COVID-19 pandemic, technologies are playing a crucial role in keeping our society functional in a time of lockdowns and quarantines. And these technologies may have a long-lasting impact beyond COVID-19. Remote work, contactless payments, distance learning, telehealth… What are those companies that have been accelerated by the pandemic? What are their roles? How do they reduce the spread while helping the companies to stand up?
Thanks to our speakers Alexandra Clunies Ross from Artesian, Andrei Sochala from Aircall, Gilles Bertaux from Lifestorm, Lionel Legros from OVHcloud.

Emerging markets ecosystem during COVID-19

How will the impacts of COVID-19 differ between emerging markets and their developed counterparts? Today, emerging economies must navigate the COVID-19 pandemic amid collapsing exports, dwindling remittances and tightening international credit conditions that call for austerity. To contain the pandemic, the necessary limits on economic activity fall more heavily on these economies than in the advanced countries. Thanks to our speakers Adi Susanto from Jagoanhosting (Indonesia), Sam Korawali, serial tech entrepreneur in Papua New Guinea, Binit Sharma from Basobaas (Nepal) and Maxime Roseburger from Meal Temple Group (Cambodia), and to Axel Perrière from Startup&Angels for mediating this panel.

Female founders & investors

Listen to our female speakers Cheryl Mack from Stone&Chalk, Nathalie Taquet from Bottli & e-Bottli, Kim Teo from Mr Yum and Hannah Yan Field from Tempus Partners.

International VC Panel - strategies for startups to survive and keep growing

Listen to our speakers Albert Bielinko from Teltra Ventures, Michael Blakey from Cocoon Capital, Robert Williams from Artesian and Axel Peyriere investor and Startup&Angels co-founder, sharing their experiences and advice for startups in uncertain times.

International scale-ups vs. COVID-19 crisis.

Welcome in the very first online event of Startup & Angels. A physical event in Adelaide was supposed to happen on the 8th of April but giving the pandemic, S/A also had to adapt and launched a series of online panel discussions.
The same way, our speakers Cynthia Dearin from Dearin & Associates, Neil Lui from Airwallex, Luis Sanchez from Receipt Bank and Leo Denes from Australiance operated drastic changes in their businesses. They discuss their lessons learned and war stories resulting from the COVID-19 crisis and impacting their operations and strategies.

podcast Contact-reach out collaborations:

Sophie Champagne


Startup&Angels X Spark Festival


The event will feature four fintech startups founders who will be pitching and sharing their startup journeys. Industry experts will act as our judging panel who will ask questions and give their feedback on the startups pitches.
We will conclude the webinar with a fireside chat “Scale up founder journey – from a startup to ASX”