Startup&Angels Singapore #3, Wednesday 7 February 2018 @WeWork - Startup&Angels
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Wednesday 7 February 2018

WeWork Beach Center

15 Beach Rd, Singapore 189677

Discover and share the experience of startups and founders from Singapore at WeWork about
Expanding your business beyond Singapore
Learn from amazing and inspiring stories from those local and global entrepreneurs. Get visibility and connect with founders, business angels & investors.
WeWork Beach Center, 15 Beach Rd, 189677  Singapore, from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.
Wine, beer, cheese and food included!

Jonathan E.Chua

CEO of @BeanAndGo

Jonathan E. Chua is the CEO of BeamAndGo Pte Ltd and has over 25 years of experience as a business leader, technologist, and investor. He has been involved in building world class technology platforms for banks, market research firms, technology multinationals, social media startups, eCommerce companies and government agencies.

In his free time, Mr. Chua enjoys playing a 3 string guitar and cooking chili

BeamAndGo Pte Ltd is FinTech and eCommerce Marketplace that connects overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) with merchants in the Philippines. With our solution, OFWs can take care of their families’s basic needs in the Philippines without having to remit cash.


Raphael Bouzy

Co-Founder and CEO @Datarama

Raphael started his career in London with the financial publication group Euromoney, and lived in Hong Kong from 2006 to 2010.


In 2010, Raphael joined international risk consulting firm Control Risks in Singapore. In this role, he oversaw over 200 due diligence and business intelligence projects in a whole range of industries and jurisdictions.

However, the limitations of the traditional risk consulting model soon became obvious in the face of new compliance requirements from MNCs and international financial institutions.


Having identified a gap in the market, Raphael left Control Risks and started Datarama. As a co-founder and CEO, he leads a team that is developing a game-changing tool for due diligence, KYC, business development and relationships management in emerging markets.

Arrif Ziaudeen

CEO @Chope

Arrif is a Stanford University graduate. Before becoming the CEO of Chope, he worked as invest manager for Principia Management, a business consulting company. He has also worked as a senior associate consultant for Bain & Company.


Chope helps busy diners make instant reservations at Singapore, Hong Kong , Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok, Bali and Jakarta’s best restaurants: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Out of its more than 2,500 restaurants, over 60 percent are outside its home city, with the fastest growth coming from Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.


“Why don’t diners have real-time info about restaurants the same way they do about their taxi? It’s time for us to expand our business scope beyond purely reservations to the full dining experience.”

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Occupying three full floors of a stunning glass building in the core of downtown Singapore, WeWork Beach Centre is sure to take your breath away. Join the throngs of multinational companies of all industries and sizes that flock to the area to enjoy the garden city. Here, you get a perfect sense of the old and the new in Singapore, with quirky shops like the MINT Museum of Toys and the bookstores at Basah Complex to complement your experience.

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