Thursday 31 October 2019

626/638 Merchant Road, Yangon, Myanmar

Startup&Angels is coming for the first time in Yangon, Myanmar on Thursday 31 October 2019, from 5pm to 8pm at Phandeeyar (Myanmar Innovation Lab)! Join us to listen, meet, chat and network with other local and international entrepreneurs, startup founders, business angels, investors, mentors, advisors and startup enthusiasts!

Speakers List:


This is the first edition in Yangon, Myanmar, with amazing local and international entrepreneurs, business angels and speakers.

Join us if you are a startup founder, a corporate interested in startups and innovation, a business angel, an investor, an accelerator, an innovative hub, an intra-preneur, a tech journalist or media, or just interested with startups and entrepreneurship!

Attendees will also have plenty of time to discuss with the other attendees, including other startup founders, business angels, investors or startup enthusiasts.

Thanks to our venue partner,

Startup&Angels Yangon #1 is hosted and powered by our partner Phandeeyar : Myanmar Innovation Lab.

Phandeeyar (“creation place”) was established in 2014 to support Myanmar’s digital leapfrog. It is a community tech hub that is spearheading the development of the country’s tech and social innovation ecosystem. Phandeeyar does this in two ways: firstly, by building the pool of tech talent, investing in local startups and training founders; secondly, by helping change agents use technology to increase the impact of their work. Over the last three years Phandeeyar, and its forerunner Code for Change Myanmar, have demonstrated the enormous potential to use technology to support Myanmar’s transition and to develop products and approaches that could be used in other developing countries.

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Thanks to all our community for their support