Thursday 19 October 2017

WeWork 333 George Street

Learn more about startups from Australia & Emerging Markets!
Part of the Spark Festival.

Meet our speakers

Learn from amazing and inspiring stories from those local and global entrepreneurs
WeWork 333 George Street, Sydney, from 6pm to 9pm.
Wine, beer, cheese and food included!

Shanil Samarakoon
Zuwa Energy

A social enterprise that addresses energy needs in Malawi through affordable access to Pay-As-You-Go Solar Household Systems.

Mahir Momand
Thrive Refugee Enterprise

Mahir Momand is a Microfinance expert who has lived 2/3 of his life as a refugee. Mahir currently serves as the CEO of Thrive Refugee Enterprise. Thrive provides micro-finance and business support to refugees and asylum seekers in Australia to start new businesses and grow existing ones.

Andrea Myles
China Australia Millennial Project – CAMP 中澳千禧计划

CAMP 2018 Summit is a 100-day crossborder innovation program that brings together millennial leaders who are passionate about designing industry solutions, learning design-thinking and strengthening the Australia-China relationship.

Axel Peyriere
Emerging Classifieds Ventures

Emerging Classifieds Ventures replicates successful business models in classifieds (real estate, automotive, jobs and general) in the last emerging markets around the world. Currently operating in 40+ countries with 60+ platforms.

Zvezde Klingenberg

Tyroola is Australia’s largest marketplace for tyres and fitting services. Tyroola aggregates tire inventory for every type of vehicle from suppliers and fitters across the country. Currently expanding the concept into Indonesia and soon into more emerging markets.

Matt Carr

Agsol manufactures leading edge solar powered agro-processing machines, purpose built for poor, off-grid farming communities in developing countries. Our life-changing machines convert staple foods into edible and higher value products, and provide a scalable solar power platform that offers essential energy services.

Thanks to our venue partner,
WeWork 333 George Street

At one of the most prominent corners of the CBD, get access to Sydney office space in this brand-new, all-glass addition to the skyline. WeWork 333 George Street provides five floors of coworking space, private offices, conference rooms, and event space in a hyper-modern, A-grade building. With two of our own balcony terraces, you can enjoy your coffee with a breezy view, or focus indoors with lots of natural light. “Bring the outdoors in” is indeed the inspiration for this space’s warm wood and leather interior design.