Thursday 26 September 2019

Come and meet startup founders, investors and advisors talking about their inspiring journeys!
Learn more about startups & founders from Australia & Emerging Markets!
An exclusive and relaxed networking event gathering startups and angels.
Learn from amazing and inspiring stories from those local and global entrepreneurs. Get visibility and connect with founders, business angels & investors
From 6pm to 9pm at the Sydney Startup Hub, L1/11 York Street.
Wine, beer, cheese and food included!


Alastair Blenkin

Founder @Hyra iq

Alastair Blenkin is a former top-tier corporate property lawyer. Dissatisfied by the endless flow of high-volume commercial contracts (a.k.a. “grunt work”) and spotting a gap in the legal-tech market for portfolio contract negotiation solutions, Alastair trusted his instincts and jumped out of the law and into start-up land.

Hyra iQ automates high volume high value contract negotiation using artificial intelligence. The platform creates “scalable legal services” – unlocking corporate knowledge allowing rapid completion of contract negotiations, consistently, at pace & scale. With granular, real time visibility across portfolio, people and geography, legal is transformed from a “black box” to a source of strength that empowers business decisions.

Natalie Taquet

Founder & CEO @Bottli & @eBottli

After 15 years working as research scientist, Natalie came in Australia because she wanted to start a project that looks like her.  When she arrived, she noticed that French wines made by little and passionate craftsmen were not well represented. As her family is in the wine field in France, it jumped right out at her. Things as usual and essential in France as the cork stopper, the corkscrew and the “pop” noise made by the unbottling are just on option here. She decided to ally her passion to this observation. This is how Bottli is born.

Bottli delivers French wine boxes to your home each month. It aims to share not only high quality French wine in Australia but also the history behind their making. Each bottle is made with heart and dedication by a little French wine maker.

Mark Howard & Richard Fifita

Co-founders @Veyor Digital

After years of dealing with the pain of using manual, disjointed systems to manage highly dynamic construction environments, Richard, a former senior engineer on large scale building and infrastructure projects, developed the ideas behind Veyor.   With a mindset towards continual improvement and innovation he was determined to make a difference in the a sector which is plagued with inefficiency.  Forming a business with long term friends Mark, an experienced fund manager in the property industry, and Stephen, a former director at a global investment bank, they have been able to establish a strong team with a diverse skill set, attract some experienced investment partners, and develop out a platform which is now used by most of the leading top tier builders in Australia and on some of the largest and most complex construction projects in the country.

Veyor is a cloud based, live logistics planning, co-ordination and data analytics tool for the construction industry, connecting all parties in real time and enhancing productivity.

Prior to joining OneVentures, Grant Chamberlain was Australian Head of Mergers & Acquisitions and Financial Sponsors for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He has over twenty years’ experience in Australian and cross border mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and capital markets at global investment banks Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and Nomura and has a broad range of experience across industries including technology, healthcare, consumer goods, financial services and natural resources. Grant has led many of the largest and most complex transactions in Australia in recent years. Grant currently serves as non-executive director and member of the audit and remuneration committees of Immutep Limited, an ASX and NASDAQ listed immuno-oncology research company. He holds an LLB (Hons) and B.Com from the University of Melbourne.

OneVentures is one of Australia’s leading venture capital firms, with over $330M in funds under management. But we do more than invest. We take companies to that all important next stage, by actively shaping their future. We apply our years of international experience, operational and executional expertise to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies. A global growth focus drives our investment selection with our current portfolio including companies with truly innovative products tackling multi-billion-dollar problems, from needle-free vaccinations to virtual communications to adaptive e-learning. Game changers, that deliver lasting gains.

Damian Fox

Investment director @Carthona Capital

Damian has been a part of Carthona since its inception nearly 5 years ago, and in that time has been involved in over 40 investment rounds across over 20 different businesses. Prior to the establishment of Carthona, Damian worked in the Investment Banking Division of Macquarie Group in both New York and Sydney.

Carthona Capital is an Australian-based venture capital fund with over $200m of funds under mangement from a mix of institutional and high net worth investors. Carthona is sector agnostic, and likes to make its first investment in a business at the very early stage (Pre-Seed, Seed or Series A), but then also to follow-on strongly in the later rounds of its successful portfolio companies.

Marie is driven by the challenge of helping business founders solve tricky and meaningful problems. Through her global experience in Venture Capital investment, business acceleration and entrepreneurship, she has been committed to support a new form of business models which reconciles profit and impact, as well as entrepreneurs replacing people and communities at the heart of their mission.

The Impact Accelerator is Australia’s first urban life focused accelerator at the crossroads of green technology and social impact. Launched by INCO and Mirvac, the 9-month program starting in October will be based at Hoist, Mirvac’s state of the art coworking space and effervescent innovators community.  The 12 shortlisted startups will be offered a preferred access to INCO’s international network of accelerators, as well as to Mirvac’s business units as potential beta testers or customers. Finally, the program will provide funding and follow on opportunities thanks to a strategic partnership with Mirvac Ventures and Artesian.

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