Thursday 21 November 2019

Come and meet startup founders, investors and advisors talking about their inspiring journeys!
Learn more about startups & founders from Australia & Emerging Markets!
An exclusive and relaxed networking event gathering startups and angels
Learn from amazing and inspiring stories from those local and global entrepreneurs.
Get visibility and connect with founders, business angels & investors
Blue Rock, Level 16/414 La Trobe St, Melbourne, from 6pm to 9pm.
Wine, beer, cheese and food included!


Maurice Schill
Founder of


Maurice is the Founder of JuJu and host of the Closing the Gap show. He is helping people create better relationships at work and at home by encouraging more appreciation. He is also a passionate world citizen, lifelong learner and kiteboard enthusiast. He hopes to help tackle the growing issues related to workplace well-being, turnover, and inter-generational differences by cultivating relationships based on care, respect and support for each other.

JuJu helps create stronger relationships by encouraging a regular expression of appreciation through their P2P appreciation platform. This improves positivity, wellbeing and overall team engagement by creating a deeper sense of belonging. The platform also offers leaders and teams new ways to measure and gain insights into the relationships within their team, and areas of improvement.

Mark Dembitz
Head of Sales & Operations in APAC


Mark started his career in finance before spending 10 years in strategic commercial roles across various sectors including renewable energy and commodities. Prior to joining Dathena, Mark led Sales & Business Development in APAC for an aerospace start-up, where he focused on the commercialization of the company’s data products. He is passionate about the applied use of technology and its power to build a better world.

Dathena is a Deep-Tech company developing cutting edge solutions for Data Privacy & Data Security helping organizations to automatically identify Personally Identifiable Information (PII), classify data, detect security anomalies and protect sensitive information by leveraging on AI technologies.
Their Security and Compliance product suite therefore helps organizations comply with data protection and privacy laws such as Singapore PDPA or GDPR.

Tipu Sultan
Co-Founder of


Graduating from Latrobe University majoring in Computer Science, Tipu’s career started as a Software engineer at ANZ banking group. He progressed broadly in his career and become a Program Director for the Department of Education (Victoria Government) and managed a portfolio of $5 million and up to 25 staff members. Tipu’s primary strengths are his technology and industry knowledge, exceptional leadership style and his ability to communicate across channels. Tipu is very driven, motivated and committed to launching Clipboard globally.

Clipboard is the worlds 1st professional and networking platform creating identities and pathways for opportunities in the global hospitality community. They are solving the problem of fragmentation and inefficiency in the hospitality talent market by providing a platform where hospitality professionals build a dynamic professional brand for career growth while simultaneously transforming the recruitment and retention of quality staff for businesses. They currently have 11 thousand members and 1800 businesses and are aiming to expend the ASEAN market by mid-2020.

William Choi
Founder & CEO

@Posture 360

William Choi started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers and turned entrepreneur having founded companies from sustainability, health technology, and consumer retail. As a back pain sufferer for 20 years, William has been in the business of posture for almost a decade, having led the Crocs’ Founder backed BackJoy Orthotics Group sales to #1 in Asia. He is the Founder & CEO of Posture360, a Top Global 100 Startup and nominated for The UN World Summit Awards as The Most Innovative Digital Solution for Health & Well-Being 2020. William is passionate about improving people’s lives through health tech innovation.

Posture360 is a leading big data technology platform company that provides comprehensive posture solutions by combining beautifully designed functional products for immediate relief and integrating real-time sensor analytics to monitor daily habits and patterns throughout the day while providing gamified rewards for posture improvement to users.

Posture360 is set to launch it’s Smart PostureWear, a shirt that gently pulls shoulders back for natural alignment, while connecting to your smartphone to track and notify users good and bad posture, and uploaded into PostureLive, a cloud-based big data platform that also provides Software as a Service (SaaS) for industry users.

Lee Hardham
Founder & CEO


Startup CEO and co-founder of Brauz, Lee has been determined to leverage technology to help retailers drive digital traffic in-store. For over 7 years, Lee and the team at Brauz have innovated in the omni-channel retail space, personalising customer journeys using a vast range of technologies. Along with co-founder Rajesh Yeluri, Lee was awarded Business News’ Young Entrepreneur Melbourne for digital disruption in 2018 and was a finalist for the ORIAS Industry Recognition award in 2017.

Brauz helps retailers converts online browsers into in-store customers, providing retailers the foundation for great in-store experiences. In April 2019, Brauz launched Reserve In-Store, a website plug-in for retailers that lets their customers book a time to reserve/try items in-store. Brauz provides retailers a technology agnostic and simple solution, plugging in Reserve In-Store onto any eCommerce website by simply adding our Java Script or our Reservation API. Reserve In-Store can be added to any retailers website in less than 2 hours, including integration into store inventory, stock indicators or even no stock visibility at all. Reserve In-Store by Brauz is the beginning of a frictionless shopping journey for shoppers around the world.

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