Today, emerging economies must navigate the COVID-19 pandemic amid collapsing exports, dwindling remittances and tightening international credit conditions that call for austerity. To contain the pandemic, the necessary limits on economic activity fall more heavily on those economies than in the advanced countries.
During this panel discussion, we received 3 experts from across the globe (Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Nepal) to share their vision on the crisis’ impact on their respective markets and businesses.

Computer Science graduates with a passion with servers & cloud infractructure, Adi is now VP of Infrastructure & Product Innovation in Jagoanhosting Indonesia, a growing company in Information & Digital Technology especially running on Hosting and Domain Service Provider. Adi will share its expertise in Linux, hosting, virtualization, monitoring, system automation, CI/CD, infrastructure management, operational management, product management, cost efficiency, technical & standard documentation, people development.

Samson is the Founder @ CEO of Reelae. He has worked on multiple digital projects locally and internationally for clients within the mining, government, and corporate sector. As a small business owner, it has been his utmost priority to drive innovation, marketing, creative, technical execution, and management of all his projects to see that a product is pitched and delivered successfully to clients. In doing so, he has gained invaluable skills that could have only been acquired through hard work, learning, application, risk taking and collaboration while running his businesses.

Enthusiast in love with making ideas come to life through creativity and technology, Binit is the CEO & Founder of Basobaas, a technology backed real estate startup. The company was founded 5 years ago with the hope of serving the home seekers, dreamers and sellers.
With the passion to empower the consumers and simplify the real estate scenario, Basobaas focuses on providing solutions and professional guidance with the combination of technology, digital presence and experienced field agents.

Co-founder of Startup&Angels, serial entrepreneur and Angel investor, Axel has been working with startups all around the world. Over his career he has worked, mentored, coached, partnered and/or invested in more than 200 startups around the world. He’s specially keen on online marketplaces and emerging and frontier markets.